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GoForth Sounds and Heritage present PREACHERS - a bold collection of songs that bypass the need for louder, bigger, and technical. With piano and string orchestration by The Brilliance along with the drive and passion of producer, Daniel Bashta, this album invokes a raw, yet reverent response that deconstructs surface level worship. Mixed by Grammy award winner, engineer Darrell Thorp, every song is a sermon that invades the heart.

“But the most impressive moment of the evening found Mac Powell sliding to the side of the stage to sing back up and ceding the microphone to Harvest Parker, who took the opportunity to tell a simple story of two Moravian (an early Protestant denomination centered in what is now The Czech Republic) young men who voluntarily sold themselves into slavery to spread the gospel amongst slave populations in the Caribbean. The song this story inspired Parker to write, "Song Of The Lamb," was a powerhouse tune that resembled psychedelic, mid-sixties Jefferson Airplane. The slow build of the song lead to an explosion of sound mid-way through that brought the crowd to its feet. Harvest possesses a cannon of a voice, and combining it with Third Day's musical prowess was a powerful moment that my two daughters cited as their favorite moment of the concert. I had to agree.” –JesusFreakHideout

“I think music should demand some kind of response from you,” Harvest says. “This song was inspired by men who sold them into slavery in order to spread the gospel. That’s the type of worship I want to sing about.” 

In 2013, Harvest released her 2nd EP, Curtains which carries more of a creative edge.

“When I heard the songs that were to be recorded on this album I started crying because they crawled right into my core and shoved a greater revelation of Christ in there.” 

- Singer/Songwriter Sarah Macintosh

In addition to touring with Third Day, Harvest has worked with other artists on projects including Daniel Bashta, Sarah Macintosh, Young Oceans, Matt Jackson and more. She is currently working on a new album to be released next year. 

Harvest lives in Atlanta, Georgia